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Go surfing on the magical waves of Ashwem and master the sport of surfboarding alongside some experts right here in your neighbourhood.

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We have strictly followed the environment compliance guidelines set by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEF&CC) and have a CRZ / MOEF&CC clearance.


Construction is a water-intensive process. To preserve the water table, we left the ground water in the area untouched and used the bare minimum amount of fresh water during construction. Furthermore, for maintenance, we harvest rainwater during the monsoon and have installed sewage treatment plants that treat wastewater, which is reused to keep the landscape lush and well irrigated. A truly eco-friendly system, the STP we have chosen to use consumes minimal power and works silently. Our pressure boosting hydro pneumatic system ensures water pressure is managed prudently, minimizing wastage. The gardens that surround you here are equipped with drip and sprinkler irrigation systems - another conscious choice for the careful use of resources. The dual flush technology in the bathrooms is very low in water consumption, as are the faucets that aerate the water as it pours out, thereby reducing wastage.


Our Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) uses a bio-filtration system, which is designed to substantially degrade harmful content of organic waste, along with detergent, soap and other chemical ingredients that may be harmful to the environment. Our villas are equipped with a well-deliberated waste management program. We strictly follow all the norms of solid waste management laid down by the Central/State Pollution Control Board. Organic waste convertors and compost pits help us convert solid waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. All non- biodegradable waste is segregated into paper, plastic, metal etc. and disposed accordingly to an authorized recycler.


All the lights on the property are energy-saving: either CFL or LED lights. These last much longer than traditional lights, reducing the frequency of replacement and thus your carbon footprint. We use a radiant barrier used in Monier roofing tiles that reflects 97% of the sun’s radiation, thereby reducing the temperature within a villa to up to 5 degrees Celsius. This, in turn, reduces the strain on air- conditioning.

Our Daikin air-conditioners are built on Smart Tech VRV systems, which automatically save energy by detecting whether a room is occupied or not. The VRV machine can also be controlled from a centralized location. This helps us divert power / cooling from areas in the villas which are not being used to areas which are being used. We use the sunshine in Goa to our advantage with a heat-based water heating system. It uses 70% less electricity compared to conventional water heating solutions. It works on a principle where the heat is absorbed from the surrounding air to heat the water and throws out cool air that is then used to cool the reception area. We use Energy Star appliances like televisions, refrigerators etc. to increase our overall energy efficiency.


Before beginning the development of this property, we consulted with experts and authorities to assess the ecological value of the site, and took the necessary steps while planning in order to minimize the damage to the native ecology of the area. Our landscape consultants ensured that we planted native species of foliage that would encourage, nurture and provide a welcoming habitat for indigenous wildlife. And no earth was displaced - all the topsoil excavated during construction was reused onsite for leveling and landscaping.


In a former life, the wooden doors and windows at Praya Villas resided in century-old mansions and monuments. We worked with local artisans and craftsmen to restore them to their original splendor, and give them a fresh lease of life. Walk about at Praya, and amidst the lush greenery, you’ll find some charming old windows, some with stained glass, carved doors, intricate balcony grills, all laden with stories of a time gone by.

Across the property, we’ve used locally available materials such as the local Goan laterite stone to reduce our carbon footprint. We have also reduced the amount of cement and steel used by designing the structures of the villas efficiently. The high quality UPVC doors and windows, made from recyclable material, are energy efficient and insulate the insides of your villa against dust and pollution. Ambient air and noise quality are closely monitored on a regular basis, to ensure we do not disturb the surrounding ecological system and neighboring community. Our passion for protecting the sensitive coastal and marine ecosystem is real. The landscape architecture design concept is based on beachfront landscape features, with ecologically sensitive ground cover and sand dunes along the coastal terrain with special attention to the turtle nesting habitats along the western side.


As a protective measure, the sand dune chains in Praya’s vicinity are untouched and kept undisturbed. We have also protected them by planting dune plants and erecting a fence so they are not overrun. Some of the species grown on our beach are Bayhops (also known as Beach Morning Glory), Legume, India privet, and various types of grass families.


As a part of our measures to give back and conserve the environment, we are in the process of implementing a robust turtle conservation and management plan in association with CEE and Goa Forest Department, which will protect the endangered Olive Ridley turtle nesting sites on our beach. The plan includes protection of the nesting area, a rescue and rehabilitation facility and promoting awareness on the subject in the hope that, together, the community will value the precious ecosystem that has been bestowed on us for safekeeping.


"My family and I stayed at one of the Praya villas in 2021, for a period of 4 months. Our experience there was nothing less than true bliss. Due to the in-depth involvement and attention to detail by the owners, the same values and philosophy percolated downstream, which gave its guests a non- compromised experience filled with utter joy. The property is by far one of its kind; nestled in a cute campus which enjoys huge areas of manicured gardens and play areas. A step further brings you to the priceless Morjim beach- considered one of the best beaches in north Goa. The staff and service was impeccable. With great F&B as well as an army of service staff who kept the entire campus and habitable areas flawless. If I were to visit Morjim again, there is no other place I would consider other than Praya!"

~Mr. Krishna Patel

"Greetings to your team and you both from the Ashoks', Salujas' and the extended families!
A trifle late indeed, but as is said, better late than never. Although it will soon be a month since we started to enjoy your sweet, warm hospitality, the flavour of it lingers on and it feels it was just yesterday! Just like every finger-licking meal gets fittingly culminated with a savory dessert, the time spent at your lovely villas-resort warrants this communication of expression of appreciation and gratitude!!
Lara and Aditya were always confident that the complete affair of their holy-alliance at this exotic resort would be a delectable experience; little did we know that it would be such a divine occurrence!
Yes, we are a set of extremely pleased patrons - such was the meticulous turn-out and churn-out of everything related to the ceremonial stay - lay-out, service, scrumptious comestibles et al! The hallmark of efficiency at your end being its adroit package in warm smiles!!
"Thank yous'" said then, gratitude expressed then and now too! May the fragrance of your hospitality spread far and wide!!
We shall feel pleasured to visit you whenever we can. Please extend our testimonial to your entire team!"

~Sunila - M V Ashok
~Minnie - Harbir S Saluja

"Our stay at Praya Villas in Goa was a real memorable experience. The villa was beautiful and spacious and so well maintained. The food was very good and the service was fantastic. We really had a wonderful time and hope to go back again soon. Fabulous experience for the entire family."

~Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman of Manipal Hospitals

"Our trip at Praya villas was amazing we had our best time staying at the villa amazing great decor wonderful staff available for shakiest need of ours so we were treated the best felt like home and would definitely always plan my trip again most important we had beach access and so much privacy away from everything with lots of peace of mind just cant get over this trip, miss every moment of it Thank you Prayas team for making our stay so wonderful"

-Jatin Thakkar

"Praya Villas was a delightful find for us. After two visits in the span of 3 months we cannot capture our experience with words. It is an idyllic place for a holiday and has something for everyone. The proximity to the beach is unparalleled for a family with kids who want to also have a Villa to themselves. The service is fabulous with staff willing to do everything to make sure our needs were met. Definitely keeps us coming back for more.

-Maniti and Chani

"Guys what an outstanding space. And what a wonderful trip Thanks a lot for your warm hospitality and personal attention. You and your entire team made our stay at Praya very memorable. Its a beautiful property and an absolute must visit for anyone who’s looking at the best in class. This is truly the most stunning property i have visited in Goa. Love Praya...will be back for sure next year!"

~Amit Chadda

"Hello Praya team... We felt like HOME Away from HOME.!...BEAUTIFUL Bungalows with all the facilities. We were experiencing warmth all throughout our stay!!... A sure sure recommendation to friends and family!

Thank you"

~Mr. Pranav Parikh

"Home by the sea is what I call Praya villas. Had the most wonderful time super hospitality, yummy food and a beautiful secret location."

~Actor Chunky Pandey

"We had the best stay. As always, the service and care at Praya was superb. Thank you for indulging our every whim We will be back for sure."

~Nisha Damani